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Silicone Sealant 895A


Silicone sealant is a powerful, flexible adhesive. Ideal material for jointing, sealing, bonding and moving joints.

Silicone Sealant 895ASilicone Sealant 895A
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Silicone sealant is a powerful, flexible adhesive. Ideal material for jointing, sealing, bonding and moving joints.

UH-791N is a fast curing one - component neutral (oxime)  silicone  sealant. This sealant starts curing upon exposure to moisture in the air as it is extruded from the  cartridge.  Unlike conventional sealants, UH-791 N gives off no acetic acid odor and is also suitable for use with various types of metal,  concrete and stone,  in addition to glass and tile and other building materials.  It is especially suitable for interiors because of the lack of odor.

UH-791N Meets the following standards:
★ BGF 20HM ★ GB/T14683-2003 ★ ISO9001 : 2000 ★ Superior adhesiveness ★ Non-corrosive

Can be used with:
★ Glass ★ Marble ★ Metal ★Mortar ★ Sanitary use and mirror fixing ★ Sashes ★ Stone

Products performance is affected by many factors,  including storage,  method andconditions of aplication and use. Application surfaces should be clean,  dry, sound and free from all contaminants such as dust,  rust,  grease,  etc.  Cut the nozzle at an angle and apply the sealant with hand or with a cartridge gun. Tool immediately to spread the sealant against all surfaces and give a smooth finish.

Storage and Packaging:
12 months from date of manufacture stored between 5-27℃, dry conditions. 300ml cartridge. 24 Bottles / Box.

Colors: Transparent, White, Gray, Ivory, Aluminum, Dark Brown and Black etc.

Safety Guidelines:
Make sure that the work area is well  ventilated.  Never touch your eyes while working with sealant. It is recommended that goggles be used. Keep sealant out of the reach of children.  In the event that the  sealant comes into contact with the eyes,  the affected area should be  immediately flushed with a large volume of water for at least 15 minutes and then seek medical attention.